The Challenge

When it comes to global communications, US-Projects offers you the possibility of easily overcoming the language barriers in your daily business.

The Bridge

Time and again, customers confirm that they are looking for more than just “grammatically correct“ translations. Like you, they are looking for something that better expresses each nuance of the text.

US-Projects takes the time to get to know our clients, their objectives, and philosophies. Adopting your mind set means the difference between a flat piece that just gives information, or a vibrant offering wherein your information comes alive!

The Objectives

US-Projects recognizes that you work hard to explore new frontiers in a global economy!

Our objective is to help small and mid-sized companies like yours to expand your capabilities with translations; using English as a universal language.

Translators & Native Languages

The first rule of translation is very simple: Native speakers do the best job of translating text.

Text that is factually accurate, reads well, relates well to the reader, and offers a quality assurance is certainly a worthwhile investment.

At US-Projects, we take the hassle out of your translations with affordable, reliable, and quality service.

An attentive translator is one of your greatest assets!

No one reads your texts more carefully than your translator!

While carefully scrutinizing each line and nuance to tease out its richer meaning, a quality translator identifies and brings your attention to the “fuzzy bits”. These are the areas of the text where greater clarification or elaboration may be needed.

Good translators ask numerous questions throughout the process, ensuring that the meaning of the piece will project the author’s intent clearly and effectively.

Resist the temptation to do it yourself

Speaking and writing are two vastly different things!

Communicating as powerfully in writing as you do in person can greatly add to your credibility!