What exactly is Intercultural Communication?

In the past year, we’ve been hearing and reading a lot about it; but what exactly is „intercultural communication“ and why is it so important for your international business?
 It’s simple: intercultural communication is a compilation of verbal, non-verbal and contact.

Employees are just „people“who primarily speak their native language and master their own cultural communication.

Intercultural communication results from encounters of personalities from different countries respectively cultures. If the counterpart’s culture of communication is not familiar, misunderstandings often arise. Misunderstandings that are neither clarified nor recognized could and can lead to a collapse in communication. 

Now enter a human being in the game: delayed response (or not even answered) of e-Mails, ignoring the phone when the respective country access code appears, not keeping to deadlines out of spite.
In worst cases, misunderstanding can lead to virtual mobbing that in turn, is extremely virulent within the team.

As a manager, do you believe it’s time to step in and take over?

Then get on the playing field as soon as possible, and participate in the game to understand.