Intercultural Communication

“What exactly is “intercultural communication?”

Cross-border consulting

“To open up a new business in an English-speaking country can be very lucrative, but above all, it is challenging and complex.”


“The first rule of translation is very simple:
Native speakers do the best job of translating text.”

Who’s behind US-Projects?

Nice of you to stop by! Have you ever asked yourself if a companywebsite you have visited truly reflects the company’s size,or is someone just trying to look “big”? When I built this website, it was clear that I wanted to present my company in the same authentic manner that I render my services/solutions to you. 
When you contact “US-Projects”, you contact me (without any ifs or buts), I promise!

My name is Susan Günther, I am an American native born in Detroit, Michigan to German immigrants. In May 1981, I made the life-changing decision to emigrate from the USA to Germany. A NATO-Agreement permits dual nationality, and due to that fact, I possess both the German and US citizenships.

Nevertheless, as a young American in Germany, I quickly learned that I was lacking German vocational training. Seeking employment, without any German educational certification whatsoever, was very difficult. Deemed a “career-changer”, I started along my professional path, confronted by many obstacles; one of which was the German attitude concerning anyone without completed vocational training… a so-called “ungelernte Kraft”. From my first job as a typist for English shipping documentation right up to my last position as a “Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO”, I have over 25 years of experience in the ups and downs of German-American communication in business. My educational credentials and experience include project management, business management, leadership and organizational training
In the meanwhile; I’ve lived and worked in Germany for 31 years.

As an American-educated business owner, I began US-Projects in 2004, as a corporate service offering translation, proofreading, and editing for hundreds of businesses throughout Germany and the US.
 Since the company’s inception, I have expanded my services to include cross-border consulting and am now very proud to offer cross-culture communication training and workshops in a very authentic and personal approach.